HLT Reward

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HLT Reward admin December 13, 2022

Airdrop (During Public Sale – Early Bird Only)

1) Buy 1 million HLT and receive a 1% airdrop
2) Buy 10 million HLT and receive a 3% airdrop.
3) Buy 100 million HLT and receive a 5% airdrop.
4) Buy 1 billion HLT and receive a 10% airdrop

Daily Economic Incentives (DEI)

Reward Pool

Daily XLM Rewards

1) For each HLT Token sold, 30% of the XLM collected will be transferred to the DEI address.
2) HLT Token holders must send their token to the DEI address in order to receive daily rewards (based on sales) based on their shareholding.
3) The Reward Pool will be paid out in XLM.
4) The daily deadline for sending the HLT token to the DEI address is before 4 p.m. (UTC).

Referral Bonuses

Affiliate Referral Incentive Model with 3 Levels

1) The total bonus is 10% divided into three levels.
       Level 1 – 5%
       Level 2 – 3%
       Level 3 – 2%

2) Bonuses will be paid in XLM.

3) Bonuses will be paid within 24 hours of sales verification.